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Alex Goh Division works as a beehive model, where teammates are interconnected and support one another with trust and team spirit to build and work towards a common goal.

The nature of this hive system, not only encourages other agents to follow suit but also builds a strong support system. Agents give feedback & support to one another and also impart and share industry knowledge. 


Alex Goh's division believes in the culture of gratitude and constantly motivate  and celebrate each other’s successes.

Trust & Team Work As Culture

Alex has developed a culture of transparency and trust in his Division. Every team member is committed and willing to help one another and share their expertise with each other.


Alex believes that every member of the team plays a crucial role in the success of the division. Hence, he believes that teamwork is an important element on the road to success.

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Guiding His Team

The driving force behind Alex is the constant need to empower and guide his team to scale greater heights and achieve success. He personally follows up with all his team members and identifies areas where they can work together.


Personalised coaching sessions, one at a time, to guide and advice his team members to excel in sales and service. Alex listens intently to the challenges that his team mates encounter before dispensing customised advice and solutions.

Alex's Team Achievements

Dylan Su

Top Landed Transactor
2nd runner up star performer august 2019


$900,000 Commission
in the last 6 months in 2019


Achieved $150,000 Worth of Sales
in 2 months in 2019


Joel Li

Associate Marketing Director
Platinum Achiever

Joining Alex has been a very positive journey for me, where I have learnt a lot of things in a very short span of time. It is mainly because of his patience and his willingness to share with me openly.


In the first month I joined him, I already managed to surpass my previous results in previous companies. With an excellent start, I look forward to many more projects and many more leadership lessons from him.

Alex Goh Division
Christmas Party 2018

Christmas party to celebrate the achievements and hard work of the team

 Alex Goh's division not only impart and share knowledge, but also help in motivating and celebrating each other’s successes.believes in the culture of gratitude, providing feedback & support to one another.

Be a part of our close-Knit family of achievers!

You can be

the next platinum achiever through the support

from Alex and his Division.

Alex Goh

Group District Director

CEA Reg. No.: R018225J

Tel: +65 9489 8599

Address: 480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

HDB Hub East Wing #10-01, Singapore 310480