Alex Goh believes that a strong foundation is the key to a successful future in this real estate business. His exemplary knowledge and belief in Restructuring & Asset Progression is the foothold that helps many team members and consumers in making the right investment decisions. With the current market scenario and statistics, Alex foresees a high demand for properties and hence a high possibility in growing wealth through asset progression and restructuring.


Alex aspires to grow together by connecting and being in sync with his team’s vision to progress. It is therefore important for NEW Real Estate Salespersons (RES) or Experienced agents and even consumers to gain adequate knowledge and learn significantly from Alex Goh who can add value and help in growing their business.

“Alex wants his teams members to own a property"


Why I strongly believe in immense opportunities in asset progression? Connect with me to know more.

Alex Goh is widely networked and associated with industry partners who help support the business. Some of the key partners are DOB, HSBC, UOB, 99co, Property Guru, Branding & Marketing specialists, lawyers and other business professionals.

Alex is the guest speaker at a Consumer Conference with Mr. Darius Cheung, CEO of

“Coming together to build our happy hive”


 01 TRUST 

With Alex’s dedicated and personalised involvement in team, the culture of the team has developed into one of transparency and trust.

Alex notes how the rapidly changing property market operates and how the property agents must be swift to adapt to the changing environment with the right strategy.



All salespeople, experienced or new (RES) must build certain core skills in order to effectively service their clients systematically.


Skills are patiently imparted by Alex and are customised to meet the different objectives and personalities



Team Unity and bonding is everything to work on a symbiotic environment where help is given where it's needed.

Alex guides his team to leverage on various traditional and digital marketing for effectively fulfilling clients marketing needs and enabling an efficient work module.


Alex regularly hosts one-to-one sessions with his team to help them overcome challenging obstacles, enhance sales skills, share knowledge and experience.

“My goal is to grow my clients assets and also make every team member a property owner”

Alex focuses on his team members developing strong analytical skills coupled with logic to extract valuable information from facts and figures through the many property agent courses he has given. Thereafter, this information is used to assist clients in their property transformation journey.


Another approach that Alex utilises is the importance of all team members to be current and on the ground.


alex's approach










The approach Alex takes is to build certain core skills that he believes all agents must have in order to effectively service their clients. These skills are patiently imparted by him and are customised to meet the different objectives and personalities, the new agents may have.

"Own your life, push your goals"

As a property agent in Singapore, Alex ensures that his team are familiar with the dynamic real estate landscape in Singapore and be constantly on the lookout for opportunities that can be presented to clients.

Besides the above, he lends much importance to the need of efficient marketing for clients, where he guides his team to leverage on the reaches of the digital and social media, besides the traditional mediums.

Alex notes how the rapidly changing property market operates and how the property agents must be swift to adapt to the changing environment with the right strategy.

Alex Goh’s experience in the real estate industry spans 13 years, where he has provided top-notch service to his grateful clients while managing an awesome team. Currently, he is a Group District Director with PropNex, Singapore’s largest listed real estate agency. In addition, he is a senior member of the Powerful Negotiators Group, Singapore’s largest real estate team.


Through the years, the humble leader of Alex Goh Division has been guiding experienced and new realtors to realise their potential, resulting in them achieving success. From his experience, he has developed a formula for agents to work with, which enables them to be an outstanding salesperson who cares for their clients and teammates.