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AGD Achieves a Spectacular Number of Awards At PNG Q3 LABC

Date: 12 November 2019

Venue: Singapore Marriott Hotel

Alex Goh Division started off their Tuesday morning at The Leaders & Achievers Business Conference (LABC). The LABC is held quarterly every year, and among the awards presented are the Top District Directors Award, the Honors Awards and the Pinnacle Awards. The conference kicked off with an exciting start on 12th November at the Singapore Marriott Hotel.

Kelvin Thong and Shanel Liew gave a welcoming open to all the agents, getting them pumped up for the rewarding day ahead. After the warm welcome, and after everyone had gotten settled down, the awards presentation were under way. The awards were presented by Kelvin Fong, Executive Producer for PropNex Realty and Lim Yong Hock, Key Executive Officer (KEO).

Members from Alex Goh Division won a multitude of awards at the conference. The total awards won amounted to a resounding 12, including Alex Goh himself who was awarded with the Top District Director Award. Dylan Su, Adriel Li, Alyson Siew, Ngee Wei, Michelle Goh, Joel Li, Denise Tan, Laura Lee, Lionel Ryan, Vincent Thng and Gary Seah all were honoured with the Honors Awards.

After the first round of presenting the awards, the agents were given a short tea break that entailed of appetizing small cakes and coffee. After the short break, Raymond Tiah was given the stage to explain his trade secrets and to share what made him strive to increase his sales by 3 times. He also took the time to thank Alex Goh for being a supportive colleague and friend. His sharing was soon followed by Kelvin Fong giving a fulfilling talk to motivate agents for the upcoming months in the year 2019 and also get them gearing up for the upcoming new year.

The second part of the awards ceremony began soon after and one by one, agents went up onto the stage to be honoured with their respective awards. After the awards presentation, a delicious buffet was served for lunch, which filled the stomachs of the members from Alex Goh Division.

Alex Goh Division’s members are honoured to be presented their awards and strive to achieve greater heights in the upcoming months and into the new year and they are looking forward to winning more awards with the skills and techniques they have learnt from Alex Goh.

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