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AGD Celebrates a Record Breaking $10.5m Sales in 2019 At Shuffle, Clarke Quay

Venue: Shuffle @ Clarke Quay

Date: December 9th

Alex Goh Division and Cat Goh Division celebrated their year end party at Shuffle at Clarke Quay on 9th December 2019. Agents from both AGD and CGD were invited to join the festive celebration of the eventful year coming to an end.

AGD's biggest achievements of 2019 include:

- Increase in their sales from $3m in 2018 to $10.5m in 2019

- Closing 120 new launches in 2019

- AGD’s team size increased from 40 member in 2018 to 100 team members in 2019 which is a whopping 150% increase.

The festivities began with agents trickling in to the party room and putting on their wristbands that also play the part of lucky draw tickets, which will allow them to win grand prizes at the end of the night. The grand prizes included an iPad, Nespresso Pixie, items from Prada, Valentino and Bottega Veneta, Mont Blanc as well as FairPrice vouchers.

As soon as the party started, agents helped themselves to the delicious spread of food and enjoyed their meals while. Agents mingled between themselves and shared experiences between themselves. Laughs were shared as jokes were told and agents relaxed into the calm atmosphere.

Alex Goh welcomed each agent to the year end party and took pictures with them before there was a spectacular performance on stage which everyone enjoyed. Soon after, the games began. Everyone in the party room had a ball as they played games such as Charades and Heads Up among others.

A speech Alex Goh was given after the games were over, they thanked everyone for attending the year end party as well as having a great 2019 with amazing individuals achievements as well as achievements as a team.

After speeches, it was time to give out the lucky draw prizes. Alex Goh, Cat Goh and Alyson Siow announced the winners of the prizes, even the lucky iPad winner. Everyone was happy with what they received and clapped and cheered for those who won as well.

The night came to an end as everyone took the time to toast to one another for the wonderful year spent with great achievements and promises to do the same, or reach for even greater heights in the new year. Everyone left the party feeling satisfied with the night spent enjoying for the wonderful year spent working hard.

AGD believes in celebrating the achievements and triumphs of each other. If you are interested in joining a division that celebrates with you, join Alex Goh Division now!

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