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AGD Celebrates September Top Achievers @ Wolfgang Steakhouse, Intercontinental Hotel Robertson Quay

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Date: 6th November 2019

Venue: Wolfgang Steakhouse at Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay

Alex Goh Division celebrated their Top Achievers for the month of September with a heartwarming meal at Wolfgang Steakhouse located at the Intercontinental Singapore Robertson Quay. This close-knit lunch was a way for AGD to celebrate the achievements of team members in an enjoyable and stress-free atmosphere.

The delicious lunch served at Wolfgang Steakhouse, which serves the finest quality USDA Prime Black Angus Beef, was served to commemorate the achievements of team members who have performed exceptionally well for the month of September.

Those in attendance to this cosy lunch included Paulina Lim, Alyson Siow, Gary Seah, Adriel Li, Kevin Lim, and of course, Alex Goh himself.

While waiting for their delicious steaks and meals to be served, the group shared some of their personal experiences with each other and shared laughs as well. Everyone present had something to share and enjoyed listening to what everyone else was saying as well.

After being served their scrumptious meals, and while they were sharing insights that they learnt during the past month, the team vowed to continue working hard to achieve their sales targets for the next month. The atmosphere of the table was high-spirited and cheerful, as laughs and secrets to success were shared between the group.

The lunch ended on a high note to the small group as they took the time after their meals to personally congratulate everyone of their achievements and encouraged them to persevere for the following months. The team also took the time to thank Alex Goh hosting this amazing lunch as it was a delightful way for them to bond.

After a successful and insightful lunch at Wolfgang Steakhouse, AGD aims to achieve greater sales in the upcoming months and is looking forward to hosting more Top Achievers during future lunches with Alex Goh.

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