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AGD Celebrates August Top Achievers @ Salt Grill & Sky Bar @ ION Orchard

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Salt Grill & Sky Bar, ION Orchard

1st October 2019

AGD celebrated the Top 10 Achievers for the month of August with a wonderful meal at Salt Grill & Sky Bar, overlooking the stunning views of the sea and the bustling city. This lunch is a platform for AGD to celebrate their Top Achievers in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

This spectacular lunch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar is a particularly celebratory one as AGD has been consistently performing well with their sales, achieving 15 consecutive Platinum Awards since May 2019.

The Top Achievers for the month of August include Adriel Li, Dylan Su, Denise Tan, Deborah Tan, Joel Li, Jensen Toh, Michelle Goh, Alyson Siow, and Lionel Ryan.

Repeated Top Achiever, Adriel Li was congratulated for consistently achieving top sales for two months in a row. Alyson Siow was also a consecutive Top Achiever but unfortunately was not present during this celebratory lunch due to urgent work commitments.

The group also took the time to congratulate Michelle Goh who performed spectacularly well during the month of August after 21 days of being in AGD. She had received the Platinum Award during the monthly Star Performers Ceremony for the month of August.

The group was all present at this lunch as they had successfully applied the skills and knowledge they had acquired from Alex Goh’s 3-Step-Technique into their sales.

The small group took this time to personally congratulate one another and encourage each other to have a better month ahead with even more sales. Sharing exciting stories about sales and enjoying the hearty meals served, the hours passed by in no time.

The food served was delicious and filled the stomachs of Alex Goh and the celebrated Top Achievers, who were content to continue sharing insights and stories about their past month to the rest of the team.

After a successful and insightful lunch at Salt Grill & Sky Bar, AGD is looking forward to greater heights and has sights set on achieving even more Top Achievers for the upcoming months.

If you are interested in learning how these agents got their success by using the 3-Step-Technique, contact us today and we will get in touch with you!

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