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4 x Platinum Achievers Share Their Secrets at AGD Training

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Venue: Propnex Branch Office Recharge Room

Date: 15th August 2019

Alex Goh Division held its monthly August training with appearances from four special guests, who have all achieved Platinum Awards in the past month. Alyson Siow, Adriel Li, Kelvin Lim, and Joel Li were there to guide agents who attended Alex Goh Division’s August training with helpful insights.

The training kicked off at 2 p.m. with a wonderful start. The four Platinum Achievers were introduced and each of them shared individually on how they came to achieve top sales and also shared insights on they stayed motivated.

The attendees at the training hung onto every word these four guests said and took down notes when important. Questions were asked of every one of them and they all answered them aptly. Each of these agents mentioned how the 3-Step-Technique that Alex Goh had taught them had helped them tremendously in achieving top sales and being awarded the Platinum Award. There was a palpable feeling of willingness to learn in the room.

After each individual Achiever had taken the time to share their helpful insights, Alex Goh also took the time to teach and train the agents present. He also spoke and went into detail about the 3-Step-Technique the four agents mentioned.

The 3-Step-Technique was the main highlight of the training session, with many eager to find out the secrets of this technique and how by simply understanding and practicing it, many were able to become achievers!

After an eventful afternoon spent learning, the agents present felt like they had learned so much from this training session with Alex Goh and four Platinum Achievers. They thanked Alex Goh for holding this insightful training session.

Alex Goh Division is looking forward to holding more training sessions for agents and helping them achieve top sales as well.

If you are interested in learning how these agents got their success by using the 3-Step-Technique, contact us today and we will get in touch with you!

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