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Full House Turn Up! 4 Crucial Step by Step Method Training Session by Alex Goh

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Venue: #10 Achievers Lounge

Date: 17 October 2019

"Last month, we learnt the famous 3-Step Technique to select the right units. This month, we will incorporate this technique into our presentation to formulate the 4 Crucial Step by Step method into an effective asset progression presentation." - Alex Goh

Alex Goh Division and Cat Goh Division held a training session for the month of October at Level 10 of PropNex recently. This training session was a close follow up to the one held in the previous month and was a session where they were into depth about the 3-Step-Technique as well as the Crucial 4 Step by Step Method.

Alex Goh was the key speaker and trainer during this training session and shared even more insights than he previously had about his 3-Step-Technique. He went into depth on how they will incorporate this technique to formulate the 4 Crucial Step by Step Method for future use.

The lesson included data to show why owners will benefit by changing their properties instead of holding them as well as insights to when it is the right time to enter if there is an oversupply of units in the market. In-depth calculations will also be provided so that owners will better understand why renting and buying launches is better than buying resale flats.

These insights by Alex Goh were not taken for granted by the many agents present at the training session, and they all listened with a hunger to learn more. These insights surely would help these agents earn the top sales they yearn to achieve.

During this eventful session, questions were asked by the attendees present and Alex Goh answered them with ease and grace. He ensured the agents present that with these steps, along with confidence in themselves, the agents would be able to sell any unit they wish to sell.

Agents left the training sessions with much more insights than before and they surely were ready to take on any customer with the 3-Step-Technique. They thanked Alex Goh for this fruitful session and assured him that they would use the 3-Step-Technique in the future.

Alex Goh Division is looking forward to holding more training sessions for agents and helping them achieve top sales as well.

If you are interested in learning how these agents got their success by using the 3-Step-Technique, contact us today and we will get in touch with you!

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