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Alex Goh Invited to Share with 3000+ Agents During Conversation with CEO @ PropNex Q3'19 Convention

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

It has been an eventful two days for Alex Goh after being presented with the prestigious Top Group District Director Award at Leaders & Achievers Business Conference (LABC), and another award at the 3rd Quarterly Convention along with being one of the main speakers at the quarterly convention.

As PropNex rallies and prepares for the rest of the year and the next year ahead, Alex Goh was invited to share with PropNexians who attended the convention his secrets to success. This was the key segment called Signature Conversation with CEO. He was given the stage alongside Ray Teo, William Goh, Lawrence Teo, Cindior Ho and Edmund Tan.

Each person on stage took the time to share their own personal experiences on how they became the agents they were today. Through the sharing of their history, the methods they took to achieve the sales they did and insights on how they strive to do better, the stage filled with experienced agents kept the audience engrossed with the conversation.

Being known as a project IC who has regularly outperformed his targets for new launches such as the Affinity, Twin View Residences and Kent Ridge Residences. Alex shared about his success by talking about his mantra when he reached almost $1million in sales in 2017. He talked about staying focused the entire time and ensuring that everything he did was done to the best of his ability and in the best way possible.

There was a resounding agreement that staying focused on one’s job and taking pride in what one does is what matters most. Alex Goh particularly believes in this notion, and along with his 3-Step-Technique, he ensures that the team members he mentors also understands the importance of staying focused.

Alex Goh Division breeds agents who stay motivated and true to themselves throughout their careers, and they do so with the guidance of Alex Goh.

If you are looking to become a top achiever by staying focused and motivated, join Alex Goh Division where you can do just that.

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